Once in a Blue Moon and that does not happen very often, God will allow a Gospel Singing Ministry come down the Gospel Highway, that captivates You and gets Your Attention!.

One of these Ministries, is a Young Lady, by the name of Sandra Lee Burdick of Gallatin, Tennessee!.

Sandra, was born and raised in the northeast part of the Country in Stanford, Connecticut to Godly Parents and she was brought up in Church and started singing at the tender age of 5 and was holding Concerts in Her home with Her two siblings making up a wonderful three part harmony group and sometimes cousins would join in and sing as well.

Eventually, Sandra and her siblings started singing in neighborhood Churches, Fundraisers and wherever they were asked as they were enjoyable in their Singing presentation. As time passed by the passion for Singing by her siblings lost interest and dropped out, but Sandra Lee kept moving forward for the Lord in what she was called to do.

Read more on Sandra’s Biography page.

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